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Live from Toronto!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2016, 1:27 AM
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---------------- SURPRISED? I KNOW, I AM TOO -----------

Before hand, I know many of my classic deviants are out there, Hi!! Welcome back!! It's so good to see you again!
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! I really appreciated it!!

It has been a great, but rough year. I faced sickness, annoying depressive stages, and mayor changes in my life, but long story short: I am currently coursing a Post-Graduate in Toronto, Canada!

It hasn't been easy though. Being far from home is always stressful and the feeling of loneliness strikes once every often. Getting used to a new country has been quite shocking for me, but overall, Toronto has been a great city so far. But what's good about this as well??


Many may know that PayPal stopped working in Colombia, but here has been a whole new story so far, so the chance has been taken, and the COMMISSION SEASON is open! (Check the gallery for more info). Special conditions have been added in the description for the commission menu as well, regarding a GRAND OPENING discount.

I feel happy, excited, worried, anxious. I have been living here since September and still everything seems new everyday. I am currently looking to work as well; an animation company is my main target, but hey! you never know what will sprout from the corner. Any suggestions to where I can take a look at? Let me know!

In the meantime, I invite you to sit back, and appreciate my latest works. I have been training quite a bit, aiming to specialize and break into the digital industry as a STORYBOARD AND CONCEPT ARTIST; I am still quite far from assembling that portfolio, but the road is clear and I have set foot!

I want to deeply thank everyone who has stayed here with me for these past years. The process has been slow these past years; some of you know the reason...and I will stop there, as the present is a glorious canoe and the past is a messy Island to look from afar.

As I create more art to share with you, I invite you to check the commission menu. You will notice surprises such as the Phenrix ballot, prints delivery, commission deals and a partnership with Mr. Potts (for those who want NSFW content). I also invite you to like me on my other SOCIAL MEDIA SITES, especially Facebook and Instagram where I will be posting initial sketches for artworks and fan requests (just hover to the right side of the journal and a page will appear!)

Stay tuned, and with your support I can eventually open my long desired PATREON, in which I want to create art tutorials, amazing art requested by fans, and the web comic for TORN PRINCESSES. But first, let's start here.

I am not sure if you noticed already, but I re-branded my logo with a fresh new look, and I simply love it!

All in all. It's great to be back fellas. Welcome to my new world.

---------------------HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU----------------


Journal Entry: Fri Jun 21, 2013, 2:20 PM
Hello everyone! It's been a long time, i know. I was dealing with some health issues i had to handle for a long time. Therefore my artistic activity was somehow nullified. 

I hate and REALLY hate to do this for a comeback after a long-time disappearance but,


I'm Having an emergency right now, i'll give the details as soon as i can, but i really need to something right now. 

I swear i'll reward that person who can help me as soon as i can! PayPal is working now. 

Thanks! Send me a note and i will give you the details!!

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Hi Deviants...I've gone nuts, i promise a better journal next week

So here it goes...MONTHLY DISCOUNT!!


Check my other page and select the style you want :) (CG's and animations are currently unavailable)…

Western Union Only.
Once the payment is recieved, Commission will be delivered 5 Days later via DropBox link in full 300dpi Resolution for download. The commission discount includes a free character addition!! :)

My Offer expires Tomorrow at 12am. Not because you are the first note means you'll be the winner, it will only expire once I recieve the money from the winner.
SEND YOUR NOTES! you have until tomorrow to pay :)

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 8, 2011, 1:35 AM
---------------- WHAT'S HAPPENIN´DEVIANTS?-----------------

                  WELCOME TO MY NEW ACCOUNT!!!

New journal update coming soon!!
The following journal includes info about:

- Commissions, requests & Art trades
- My Hacked Smash Download
- Personal Issues I'd like to share

A ton of new deviations coming soon!!!

See you around this weekend!!

---------------------CHEERS TO YOU ALL---------------------
....................................... more journal crap by Twilit-Arawen

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